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NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1162 – Zhou Wen’s Return bit plug
Sad to say, Transcendent Soaring Immortal acquired extremely high specifications for cultivators. It absolutely was not easy to obtain basic mastery, and yes it was even more complicated to realize anything bigger. Therefore, it wasn’t acceptable for many people to enhance.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It is not like we haven’t seen Professor Ming’s photograph prior to. This senior citizen isn’t as delicate as Ming Xiu.”
“Sis… This… That is this senior?” Qin Mu stammered.
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Zhou Wen didn’t care if his sword art would distributed. If an individual could learn about his sword art work, he obtained the hope that there would be a very few a lot of people like Qin Zhen among people.
“In relation to sword arts, I am frightened only Overseer An and Chancellor Leng can guidebook the female Sword Immortal. Even so, this person is indeed young. He definitely isn’t Chancellor Leng or Overseer An.”
“Holy sh*t, so it’s him. No wonder. I just now didn’t be expecting Qin Zhen to possess learned her sword artwork from him.”
“I heard that they has long been retaining on the fort at Chess Hill within the past couple of years. It’s not surprising I don’t recognise him.”
“Follow me,” Zhou Wen believed to Qin Zhen well before looking at leave behind.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It is nothing like we haven’t observed Professor Ming’s picture prior to. This senior isn’t as vulnerable as Ming Xiu.”
“What guest is a bit more vital than Ya’er’s physique? If he really wants to charm company, why doesn’t he enable Ya’er return for dinner?” An Tianzuo snorted coldly.
On the other hand, Qin Zhen disregarded Qin Mu just like she hadn’t observed him.
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An Tianzuo couldn’t support but frown. Right after a pause, he questioned, “Who have he bring back?”
Li Xuan was out the majority of the season and seldom sent back.
An Tianzuo was no unknown person to the label Qin Zhen. There had been a small number of industry experts from Sundown College—Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Li Xuan, and Wei Ge were all very famous results within the Federation.
“Sis… This… Who may be this older person?” Qin Mu stammered.
An Tianzuo was no stranger into the label Qin Zhen. There are a small number of experts from Setting sun College—Hui Haifeng, Feng Qiuyan, Li Xuan, and Wei Ge ended up all very popular figures inside the Federation.
“Ming Xiu might not necessarily be better than Qin Zhen, perfect?”

That night-time, An Tianzuo sat for the dining table and discovered An Sheng along with an Jing on both sides. He stated having a frown, “He’s having a growing number of unruly. Doesn’t he know that it is a chance to take in? Regardless of whether he’s not famished, does not he are aware that little ones ought to eat far more in their growth spurt?”
“Who could this be human being? Qin Zhen really claimed that her sword art was because of his suggestions?”
As everybody discussed, Qin Zhen continued, “Senior, it is possible to lots of things that we don’t realize about my sword artwork. Would you supply some suggestions? I am prepared to pay any selling price.”
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Following hearing Zhou Wen’s words and phrases, students and Qin Mu possessed the impulse to roll their eye. Was there a need for him to positive reviews the female sword immortal’s sword art? Furthermore, what managed he indicate by ‘not poor?’ Was he praising or criticizing her?
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“Follow me,” Zhou Wen thought to Qin Zhen before checking out keep.

“What invitee is far more essential than Ya’er’s entire body? If he really wants to charm attendees, why doesn’t he just let Ya’er keep returning for dinner?” An Tianzuo snorted coldly.
“This is Older Zhou Wen. How would you not know him?” Qin Zhen finally noticed Qin Mu’s terms and answered.
On the other hand, An Tianzuo always thought that Qin Zhen was considerably better for the battleground than instructing in college. As a result, he acquired personally convinced Qin Zhen to sign up with the army oftentimes, but Qin Zhen had refused him.
“It’s not Professor Ming. It’s unlike we haven’t viewed Professor Ming’s image right before. This older isn’t as fine as Ming Xiu.”
Nevertheless, An Tianzuo always considered that Qin Zhen was more desirable for your battleground than teaching in school. Therefore, he had personally convinced Qin Zhen to sign up for the army often, but Qin Zhen experienced refused him.

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